TEACHER and OCCASIONAL CARE: Shona Burley - Bachelor in Early Childhood Studies (Monash University)

ASSISTANT: Di Thorson - Certificate  3 in Children's Services.

RELIEF and OCCASIONAL CARE: :  Lisa Ward - Certficate 111 in Early Childhood Education and Care



President - Alison Carpenter

Vice President - Felicity Little

Treasurer - Damian Wood

Secretary - Galina Overell

Enrolments - Sam Norman

​Fundraising - Emmy Stevernik

Policy - Simon Hopkins

Maintenance and OHS - Jo Harris 

​Social & Marketing - Caroline Matulick

​IT Coordinator - Iain Clark


About us​​

Beaumaris 3YO Kinder is a specialist 3 year old learning facility, with a focus on caring and socialisation.  We have a large light filled room and a fun filled spacious playground; used both for our kinder program and occasional care session.

We do not have a 4 year old kinder program.  For kinder we cater exclusively for the younger children and their specific needs. 4 and 5 year old children are welcome to join us for our occasional care session. 

We are a community run centre and encourage all parents to be involved in their child's education, by providing support for the program, fundraising and committee.  Fundraising events for 2017 include a cake stall, Bunnings BBQ and the Yates seeds fundraiser. 

Kinder program

We have a full and informative program that starts slowly in term 1 as the children get used to their new setting, and fills up quickly as the year progresses. 

If you'd like to hear more about our activities or policies, please contact us for a visit with our teacher after a session.  We  don't have tours during sessions but you are most welcome to organise a visit after the children have finished for the day.

Special events in the children's year usually include:

  • Welcome BBQ
  • Easter bonnet parade
  • Mothers day morning tea
  • Music & dance incursions
  • ​Dentist incursion
  • Term 3 weekly Playball sports classes
  • Book week
  • Footy week
  • Fathers day sports session
  • Pyjama day 
  • Water awareness incursion​
  • Christmas concert